Dreams, reality and Lana

Since my creative juju has been a little out of sync of late I thought I would take the opportunity to fangirl a little instead.

Ok, maybe more than a little.

I am a massive Lana Del Rey fan and have been since school, so when she announced two shows in the UK I knew I needed to get tickets. However, so did many other fans. Two shows had been announced for Liverpool and Glasgow after her previous show in Brixton had sold out in about 12 seconds as it was Lana’s first show in London in around four years.

My hopes of getting tickets were turning slim.

Pre-sale tickets went live on the Friday and I figured tickets would sell out immediately. The next day my boyfriend turned up at my door with Lust for Life in his hand.

“I tried to get tickets.”

We’ve each had our own fair deal of shiz to deal with over the past couple of weeks which has taken its toll on the two of us so this gesture had me in tears for multiple reasons.

Lust for Life had been the soundtrack to that weekend. Well, if I can’t go to the show then I’m gonna at least make it feel like I’m a little closer to being there.

By the time Monday came around the blues had set in and I prepared myself to face another week of stress and ongoing problems. I set off to volunteer like I do every Monday and it helped me take my mind off things a little. Yet, when it got to closing time I wasn’t ready to go “home”. Home is not really home anymore. That feeling of “being home” got snatched away.

I walked home slowly, thinking of what the next couple of hours might have to offer and what may occur in the following days (but, that’s another story). When I pulled my phone from my pocket there was a message from my boyfriend. It was a photo. When I opened the message there was a screenshot of an email, an email confirming the purchase of two Lana Del Rey tickets.

I think I screamed there and then in the middle of the road.

A huge beam of a smile radiated from my face the rest of the way home where I then cried for a good few minutes. Out of all the shiz that was going on in my life how was it that something good was finally happening? It had felt like such an unreachable moment for so long- some unattainable schoolgirl dream.

If only schoolgirl me would have known that a couple of years later that dream would come true.

Yeah, it may sound silly to some of you, but music has played a big part in my life (although I have no musical talent myself) and Lana has long been an icon to me and knowing that I will be seeing her in two weeks time, well it’s like the gateway away from reality that I need right now.

Our tickets arrived today and when I received the photo of them a sound came out of my mouth that sounded more like the noise a whimpering chihuahua would make. All in all I’m feeling like one very lucky lady despite everything that is going on right now.

If any of you have seen Lana live before I would love to know what you thought of the show! Also, any outfit recommendations would be handy!

Thanks for reading and there will be more to follow soon!


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