Summer bummer

I feel like there is a lot of pressure on us all to show off our amazing summer adventures- paste our Instagram feeds with holiday photos and snaps from days out with friends. We are constantly exposed to posts and photos of other’s fantastic lives and these can lead us to put ourselves under pressure to do the same.

However, sometimes it’s not so easy.

Things can get in the way and put life on hold. Sometimes other priorities pop up unexpectedly.

I had so much hope for the summer with visions of travelling to new places and trying new things. I would be active, tanned and a non stop flood of creativity.

Instead I have spent a lot of my time wondering where I went wrong.

It’s easy enough to ask, “well, what’s stopping you from doing all this?”

When you have such a large amount of pressure weighing down on you at times it can hold you in place. You’re stuck in one spot until that pressure is relieved.

Things have gotten a little overwhelming at times, reaching points where problems have piled up and hit me out of no where leading me to feel both mentally and physically exhausted.

At times like this it’s hard not to let our problems pile up on top of the pressure we already put on ourselves. Yet, we must try to tackle our problems one by one and take each day as it comes- take care of our priorities in order to move on to better things. It’s easy to look at photos of friends out travelling the world, celebrating a new career or the arrival of a new family member and feel a little jealous. However, when we learn to overcome that feeling and draw that attention away from whatever we see online and begin focusing on ourselves and our own lives we can begin to relieve some of the pressure.

After all, social media is full of lies. We never know the true story behind a photo.


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