Update- Inspiration

Apologies for the lack of content on here lately (or what feels like a lack of content at least). I’ve been pretty preoccupied with other matters going on in my life right now and when I have had the chance to sit down and write my mind just turned blank and there was nothing I could put down into words.

Nothing that I would want people to read that is.

It’s only at night, when I’ve been laying there awake, alone with my thoughts that inspiration would creep in. My mind would start to spin and spiral away to far off places.

Why is it only at night that inspiration strikes?

When all we want is sleep. The heavy cloud of sleep engulfs us yet our thoughts fight back. Our eyelids are heavy and our bodies fatigued but our minds are preparing themselves for a marathon.

A stream of consciousness turns into a river then a flood. It seems that once the banks have burst nothing can stop it. You think to yourself, maybe I should get up and write this down…

But, you don’t.

I will remember all of this…

But, you don’t.

Your longing for sleep is too strong. Sleep will take me soon, you think and soon it does.

Then suddenly it’s morning. A fresh new day. An other day of trying to get by.

Every day is a new day, but every day is still a day.

However, sometimes one thing can change a whole day. Or not just a day.

Some of these moments can change our day and stick with us for the rest of our lives. Some may not even affect us directly but we still feel them.

I was sat at home feeling pretty sorry for myself because of everything that’s been going on. I was scrolling through my phone as I had lost all motivation to do much else when a notification popped up on my screen.

At first I didn’t believe what I was reading.

Not Chester. Not Chester Bennington.

I cried. Yeah, I cried for a man who I had never even met, who I hadn’t known, I cried for his family and for his friends, for his bandmates and for his fans. I had grown up listening to Linkin Park’s music. I was never lucky enough to see them live, to hear Chester sing the powerful lyrics we all know so well. Linkin Park’s music has and always will be very important to me and has helped me to get through a lot (I think I say this for many).

I didn’t know how to put it into words at first. All I could think was thank you for all that you’ve done.

Chester has and always will be an inspiration for so many.

We can find inspiration in many places- in slumber, in wakefulness, in a person, in a place.

In a single moment.

Inspiration will always be there.


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