Gig: Blink-182 in Birmingham

“It’s hot, it’s sweaty and I like it.”

There’s something special about going to a gig.

The sweet smell of sweat and beer.

The feeling of unity amongst the crowd. Knowing that everyone is there for the same reason- to listen to and appreciate some awesome music.

The music fills your body with a new high and allows you to forget the outside world for a little while. You’re just there. You’re in the moment. The same moment as hundreds, maybe thousands of people. Just living.

And to me it’s something very special.

Last Friday the boyfriend and I made the trek over to Birmingham (I say trek as the traffic was rather bad on the way there) for my first gig since seeing Bring Me The Horizon in November 2015. I have missed out on seeing a lot of my favourite bands over the past couple of months which I have been absolutely gutted about, therefore I was not going to miss out on seeing Blink-182.

Blink-182 have long been one of my favourite bands and I knew this show was going to be something special.

Surprisingly we arrived to the venue early despite traffic, but doors had already opened with people beginning to make their way in with beers in hands and clad in merch purchased from the trailer outside the arena. After being scanned and tagged we were in. As we were quite early the arena wasn’t crowded but hard core fans had begun to take their places by the front of the stage. As we waited I watched all the different groups of people mulling around trying to find the right spot and noted the different age range of fans and the different personalities and it reminded that Blink-182 appeal to just about anybody.

Even before the opening acts began there was already the hot buzz of anticipation in the air.

The Front Bottoms were the first on stage and got the crowd moving with their upbeat tunes and quirky lyrics and were then followed by Frank Turner who did a good job of getting the crowd warmed up and even attempted to get a circle pit going…not sure how that worked out though.

Now, for the bit everybody had been waiting for. The occasional screams from fans could be heard during stage set up and the moment the curtain dropped down with the Blink logo on it that’s when fans started going crazy.


Now, it must be said…I am not the tallest of girls, therefore I knew the inevitable was going to happen- tall people being tall with their long limbs blocking my view. However, when the room went dark I no longer cared and when the Stranger Things theme tune began to play I couldn’t help but giggle.

The curtain dropped and the crowd screamed in unison as the band broke into Feeling This as their opening song which was the perfect song to get the crowd going. The interaction between the band and the crowd throughout the night was great and you could tell the band were having as much fun as we were. As expected the set was a mixture of their classic hits such as The Rock Show and What’s My Age Again? and new hits from their latest album California such as Bored to Death and Los Angeles… and then that one very special song, I Miss You. Hearing that song played live broke my heart and put it back together again both at the same time.

Throughout the show the stage was forever changing and got a little fiery at points, so indeed things did get rather hot and sweaty. At one point a beer cup narrowly missed my head and I didn’t even care that I had someone’s left over beer dripping on me simply because it was cool.

However, the set was bound to come to an end eventually, but not without an encore. After a little interval the band burst back on stage with their classic hit All The Small Things, the one everybody had been waiting for.

And then a moment where my jaw hit the floor. Landon Barker’s drum solo. The kid just got up on stage, took a seat and slayed it on the drums and it was one of the most awesome things I’ve seen. Like, that’s one cool kid.

Blink-182 was honestly one of the best and funnest gigs I’ve been to, but now I have a serious case of the post gig blues. It was the hit I needed though and it felt so good to be in amongst all that again.

To just be another sweaty body amongst a sweaty crowd listening to some kick-ass music.



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