A week in South Wales

With no plans of going away again anytime soon I was quite surprised when my boyfriend’s parents invited us away to South Wales with them for a week. Until near enough the day before we left I had no idea what was really happening though.

“So when are we going to Wales then?” I asked my boyfriend one afternoon.

“Alanis, we’re already in Wales…” he replied.

Now, as I have mentioned in previous posts I live on the Welsh border with my boyfriend living just across the border, about a twenty minute drive away. When many people think of Wales they normally think of the numerous sheep that scatter the Welsh landscape (there are now three sheep to every person in Wales). However, there is more to see in Wales other than sheep.

Personally, the furthest south of Wales I have travelled was to Cardiff to see Bring Me The Horizon at the Motorpoint Arena back in 2015. So, I kinda just assumed we would be staying somewhere near Cardiff…

We weren’t…

Instead we were staying in the rather small coastal village know as Aberporth located at Cardigan Bay, west Wales…no where near Cardiff…

On the Saturday we arrived late in the afternoon to the bungalow where we would be staying for the week and spent the rest of the day unpacking, relaxing and planning our week, which proved unnecessary.

The nearest town over was Aberteifi which was around a twenty minute drive away and we decided to go there on the Sunday. It is a small town with a few shops and restaurants along with the castle ruins. With it being a Sunday a lot of places began closing up early, but we did get chance to nip to one of the chippies for a portion of chips each. We also drove up to St Dogmaels where there stood the ruins of an old abbey which gave me the creeps. With no one around there was near silence other than the noise of the crows cawing and the sound of our own footfalls. It sent a shiver through me. Before heading back we couldn’t resist a walk on the beach even though it was absolutely freezing.

On the Monday we took the one and a half hour drive further south to the seaside town of Tenby in Pembrokeshire. We were lucky there was some actual sunshine that day so we could have a walk along the beach and up onto the island where stands an old empty building which was once a restaurant…and a zoo.

By the Tuesday the weather had begun to turn grim so we decided to head further north to Aberystwyth. Other than stopping off to get food on the way to Aberporth I had never actually been to Aberystwyth before and all I knew was that it was home to a university. We parked up and had a stroll along the beach and then around the castle before heading into the town centre where we stopped for something to eat. Apparently, Devil’s Bridge is one of top must sees whilst in Aber so we thought we would head there next. However, the road seemed to go on and on and climb up higher and higher and I began to feel rather uncomfortable as I looked out of my window to see a very steep drop on the other side. To make matters worse, the skies suddenly turned black and the heavens opened above us throwing down torrential rain. In the end we didn’t make it to Devil’s Bridge due to this sudden storm up in the hills so we decided to head back and as the weather began to clear we stopped of in New Quay, another seaside town where we sat by the beach under the grey sky. We weren’t the only ones sat watching the ocean now that the rain had stopped and after a couple of minutes of sitting and watching we saw some dolphins pop up from out of the water. I felt like we had gotten so lucky to just show up and witness something like that.

On the Wednesday the weather had truly turned grim but we still decided to head down to St Davids which was about an hour and a half away…

However, we never got there. 

Everything seemed fine when all of a sudden around half way through our journey thick fog appeared out of no where, causing visibility to plummet dangerously low down these windy country roads. Once again we pulled in and decided to turn back and instead go to the beach in Aberporth. 

Thursday made me feel like it was the middle of February again it was so cold! I slept near enough the whole way to Pembroke castle but the cold wind certainly woke me up! The cold and the rain also made walking up narrow tower steps all the more difficult.

By Friday we were all very tired of this dull weather. 

However, in a typical British fashion the sun decided to make an appearance on the Saturday…the day we were leaving. With the warmth and blue skies we couldn’t resist going back to New Quay before heading back home. The small town was busy with people keen on seeing some dolphins and spending some time on the beach with what little sun we had whilst it lasted. Once again we were lucky enough to see some dolphins splashing in the the distance under the sun before heading home.

It was nice to get away for a while but it just shows that British weather can interfere with plans. But, at least all the sheep didn’t seem to mind.

We also figured that staying somewhere with a little less “middle of no where” vibe too would be better in the future to save us driving so far to get anywhere. 

For anyone thinking of travelling through Wales, research locations beforehand and look up what there is to do there- indoors and outdoors. Regarding the weather, it’s a game of chance- this is Britain after all. 



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